Dalian Lian-da Shipping Supply Co.,Ltd.takes cooperation with our clients basing on solidarity and strives for thoroughness and innovation as concept.We accomplish this through our employees'training and teamwork.

Ⅰ. Supply dept
This mainly in charge of the supply of stores、provision、spare part to ship.Our premises 2600 ㎡ make us have enough stores、provisions in stock and manage the immediate delivery upon order confirmed.The Shipping Supply Department strives to provide satisfactory,competitive services to our customers.It constantly seeks the feedback from customers to consistently improve the quality and the service.

Ⅱ. Bonded agency dept
This mainly in charge of the customs clearance of imported ship's spare、materials around China and delivery to ship.This department is mainly engaged in market developing.It aims at seeking more types of business and improving the service quality,through which the value of your products will be added and the cooperation between us will be better.Provide the convenient bonded transfer and deliver service as well.

Ⅲ. Import and export dept
This mainly in change of the importing and exporting of general and marine commodities.Meet the needs of guests domestic or abroad is the basic point.Trade each other,hands in hands,developping together.

Ⅴ. Forwarding dept
Forwarding dept provides spare parts and refills before the ship sets sail.In addition ,it also providesship owners, ship’s crew and their family with various services.For years,we owned high praise by shipyard for our complete selection of products,high quality ,attractive price and on-time delivery.